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Directional Signage

vmcgill 5 years ago in Innovative Ideas / Organization Communication updated by Christopher Jordan (Leader) 5 years ago 1

I think directional signage upstairs similar to what is in the lobby would be very helpful for folks sent up to meetings or for those who head upstairs without checking in at reception. This would make it easier for outside folks looking for the PW counter, looking to pay for their E Tran connect cards and more convenient for staff when directing folks upstairs for any reason.
Very minimal information would be needed:
Public Works Counter (Left)
Connect Cards (Left)
Conference Rooms 3B and 3C (Right)
The overhead signs are often over looked.
I think the best location would be just outside the hall to the restrooms so someone walking upstairs or coming off the elevator will see it.

Under review

Combined Conference Room Availability Calendar

Anonymous 5 years ago in Innovative Ideas / Organization Communication updated by alecjaxob 4 years ago 1

Using Sharepoint(?), could there be a calendar on Elknet that allows the viewer to easily determine the availability of conference rooms? When looking for an available conference room, it's sometimes difficult. In Outlook, you have to check all the conference rooms in your meeting invite, then remove the ones you don't end up using...


Provide Feedback on Why Bright Ideas are Declined

Anonymous 5 years ago in Innovative Ideas / Organization Communication updated by anonymous 4 years ago 1

To circumvent employees feeling downtrodden and avoiding submittal of new ideas assuming they'll be denied.

Started/In Progress

Process Videos

While on AskElkGrove, I take calls regularly for business licensing. Perhaps if we had "how-to" videos for the public to watch we could lessen the call volume received in business licensing and assist the applicant simultaneously. Some breakdown of: "if you need xx type of license go here, or if you want to renew here's the process." ​


Accepting Payments at 8400 Laguna Palms Way

I would like for the City to revisit a payment option to be available for the 8400 building. When we first started we had a cashier here to accept payments. The position was eliminated due to layoffs. Sending citizens across the street is an inconvenience, as half of the citizens paying for handicap placard admin fees are elderly citizens. This will also help on last minute tow releases where the citizen pays here at 455pm and then walks/drives over and the city doors close, and the citizen will accrue and additional day of storage because they did not receive the receipts. This will also help us post payments immediately rather than waiting for the receipt to route back to Records. Sometimes when the receipt is routed, a late fee is applied to parking citations or an alarm fee is charged due to non payment when in fact it was received, but we received the receipts days later. ​