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Cybersecurity Training/Class for Personal Data Protection

Rodney Mort 4 years ago in Innovative Ideas / Training updated by alecjaxob 4 years ago 2

As we've all seen in the news and witnessed firsthand with recent cybersecurity events involving City staff there are bad people out there trying to do bad things with technology.  Being in the IT department I deal with a lot of technology security for work-related systems.  But when I have conversations with people there seems to be a lot of interest and questions about protecting their personal data and I think many staff would appreciate a class or training on this topic.

City staff has already recently been required to take online cybersecurity training focusing on basic security knowledge and especially email phishing and this was great training.

For this new training/class I would envision it adding more knowledge and focusing on personal data protection and could include the following:

  • Why is it important to use a completely different password for every online account you use?
  • What makes a strong password?
  • What is a password manager and why should you use one?
  • Demonstration of some popular password manager apps used from an app on your phone, built in to your phone's keyboard, and used from a web browser plug-in.  Also demonstrating how password managers can allow you to use completely randomized passwords for every account.
  • What is multi factor authentication (aka 2 factor authentication) and why should you use it for your most important accounts like online banking, online financial websites, password managers, and personal email accounts?
  • Why is it so important to secure your personal email account?
  • Acknowledging that these security measures are not as convenient but they are worth it.