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Combined Conference Room Availability Calendar

Anonymous 11 months ago in Innovative Ideas / Organization Communication updated by alecjaxob 8 months ago 1

Using Sharepoint(?), could there be a calendar on Elknet that allows the viewer to easily determine the availability of conference rooms? When looking for an available conference room, it's sometimes difficult. In Outlook, you have to check all the conference rooms in your meeting invite, then remove the ones you don't end up using...

reducing time spent looking for free conference rooms
One stop to see what's available
Roll Out:
I assume IT would make it happen.
Under review

I've been coordinating with IT and, currently, using Outlook is the best option.  There isn't a built-in solution in SharePoint that can access Resource Calendars (which is what the rooms are, verses personal calendars).  You can add the Resources to your general calendar view (before creating the invite) from the panel on the left side (see the image below; right click in that area and you can add the calendars via the menus shown).  

We are going to keep this open and explore some other options.