Directional Signage

vmcgill 1 year ago in Innovative Ideas / Organization Communication updated by Christopher Jordan (Leader) 1 year ago 1

I think directional signage upstairs similar to what is in the lobby would be very helpful for folks sent up to meetings or for those who head upstairs without checking in at reception. This would make it easier for outside folks looking for the PW counter, looking to pay for their E Tran connect cards and more convenient for staff when directing folks upstairs for any reason.
Very minimal information would be needed:
Public Works Counter (Left)
Connect Cards (Left)
Conference Rooms 3B and 3C (Right)
The overhead signs are often over looked.
I think the best location would be just outside the hall to the restrooms so someone walking upstairs or coming off the elevator will see it.

Clear Communication with members of the Public.
Roll Out:
I see this rolling out after construction is complete in the reception area. I think it will make a nice addition to the communication all around as well as assist our public as best we can.