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Contract Management Software

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*This idea was already conveyed to Jason during a staff meeting, however I thought it might be beneficial to add this suggestion into the queue.*

Given staff manages a multitude of contracts, it would be valuable to have a software system to assist us in managing contracts. Specifically a tool that will help us manage three major components of a contract: Term, Budget, Performance/Liquidated Damages. The R&W Divison currently uses ElkNet to manage LD's, however it's not as robust as we need it to be. For example, we need a tool that will remind us when we are getting close to the end of the term so that we can start the contract process on time. This will improve efficency across all lines of business that are involved in contracts. We need a tool that will allow us to record situations where expectations are not being met according to performance measures. Along that same line, we need a program that will assist us reporting unmet performance and calculate liquidated damages for us. Lastly, a program that will also help us manage budget, invoices, etc... that is contract specific would be ideal.


I firmly believe that if we had a contract management program, processes would be streamlined, efficicency would improve, which would all have a positive impact on our Customers.

Roll Out:

I see IT taking the lead for the most part:

1. Organize a focus group of potential users of the program to get imput on what features are needed. (maybe someone from Team Inspire to help with this task)

2. Research programs, agree on a program, contract or purchase program​

3. Training & Testing period (focus group participants could be testers)

4. Soft launch (work out any bugs)

5. Full launch (testers could be subject matter experts and assist others from different departments with questions during the full rollout)​