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StopIt !

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This is an app targeted towards schools, allowing students to anonymously report incidents of bullying. However, it quickly expanded into a platform that can accept all types of notifications, including public safety/goverment issues. While the City already has some reporting tools that people, both internal and external, can use to report various issues... there may be a use/need for StopIt if there's any gaps. Last I checked, the City only pays $0.69 per user per year through CSAC-EIA, our main insurance JPA.

Not sure it would. I was thinking of applying it to the OSHA required Anonymous Reporting of Hazardous Conditions or Practices. We have online internal reporting already, but it's only been used twice in the last 5 years.
Roll Out:
​I think this could be presented to City depts for them to determine if they have a reporting or tracking gap that StopIt could solve or improve. If that's the case, figure out who the audience is and determine the cost from there.