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Staff Report Research Tool

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A tool that quickly allows you to research City agendas and determine whether/when an item has ​gone before Council previously.


​It is sometimes very difficult to find a staff report that may or may not have gone before Council previously. Generally these searches can take a fair amount of time if done on our own and/or may tie up the Clerk's Office staff if a request is submitted.

I've developed a search tool that consolidates all of the agendas from the incorporation of the City into one PDF. While it requires periodic updating (a time commitment) it has proven to be a very vaulable tool for me in researching items over the years.

This tool does not exclude me from having to request documents from the Clerk's Office but it certainly does focus my search efforts and often gets me to where I can request a very specific item from a Council Meeting rather than a broader inquiry on a give topic.
Roll Out:
Make people aware of this resource and make it readily available. Put together a short video or tutorial on ways to utilize this tool and how it can be a time saver.

I understand that RVI has a lot of capabilities in this regard. I don't think RVI is particularly user friendly in some ways. I think a tool like this could even be enhanced and save staff a lot of time.