Staff Sports Teams

Matt Ruiz 6 months ago in Innovative Ideas / Employee Engagement 0

CSD offer a number of Co-Ed sports activities such as Softball / Soccer / Basketball / Volleyball.  I think it would be a great idea if we - as a City - entered teams.

Failing that - can we have a way on ElkNet for people who want to play sports outside of work to find Teams / Teammates from within the City. I currently play on a Co-Ed soccer Team and we would love to recruit new team members - I am sure there are soccer players in the City who used to play / want to play again - it would be great if there was a way to find them!

1. Team Sports have a multitude of benefits - for both physical and mental health as well as being a way to increase staff morale and engagement.
2. It would also provide recruitment and community outreach opportunities.
Roll Out:
1. Initial survey to gauge overall interest / follow up to decide on sports to be offered
2. City to pay for (or pay portion) of Team Fees to CSD and City to supply Elk Grove branded jerseys
3. Team Tryouts? Probably not - anyone who wants to play can play ... if it proves a popular idea we can look into having Rec league Teams and Competitive League teams
4. Play sports
5. Have fun
6. Repeat :)