Emergency phone

tmcalwee 3 years ago in Challenges 0

Last Wednesday, I was ready to leave for home, removed my badge and then at the last minute, I remembered I needed to get a form from upstairs.  I went through the back door in the Bldg. Dept. into the hallway to go upstairs and immediately realized I  didn't have my badge.  Since it was after 5:30, I knew there weren't any employees in the Bldg Dept in the area I had just come through and no one in the vicinity to hear me banging on the door.  I started banging on the Lunch Room door, thinking if someone was still in the Planning Dept., they would hear me, but that didn't work.    I didn't want to exit the building, without any way to get back in.   I ran upstairs and started banging on the door hoping someone was on the 2nd Floor to let me in.  After several minutes, someone came to the door that was leaving to go home.  In all the years I have worked for the City, this was the first time I had this happen and hope it is the last.   This panic situation made me realize there should be emergency phones in the hallways that could be connected directly to dispatch.   Target has phones throughout their store to offer help when needed, which the same idea could be implemented in our building.  

All staff has to wear a badge and most of us has experienced a time when we didn't have our badge and needed help from another staff member to gain access back into the work area , which works during business hours. We need a backup plan for those of us that are working after normal business hours.
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I would like to see this implemented as soon as possible.