Additional EV Parking

skirchgessner 3 years ago in Innovative Ideas updated by Christopher Jordan (Leader) 2 years ago 3

The existing EV parking stalls are always full and I have noticed a lot more electric and hybrid/vehicles in the parking lot. I would love to see the City install additional EV chargers in the parking lot for employees and the public. This would encourage people to make their next vehicle an electric vehicle. It would also be a great if City Hall could be an example to other business to encourage them to install chargers for their employees.

-clean air
-lower cost of driving
-environmental justice
-helps the City achieve climate change goals
-good PR
Roll Out:
The City could install new chargers in the existing parking lots of all City buildings.
Under review

We are looking into preparing an EV Parking plan for City facilities that will look at the long-term needs for both City fleet and staff/public charging.  

I know adding chargers can be expensive, but along with some new chargers we could add outlets in the landscaped areas next to many spaces. That way if the chargers are full, an EV/PHEV owner can use their own cable and plug in at almost any space. All EV/PHEVs come with charging cables for charging at home. They're only setup for 110v, and charge more slowly, it's still beneficial. Running electrical to a landscaped area (that might even already have electrical capability, or at least conduit that can be used to run new wiring) would be very cost efficient as compared to charging stations.


We are beginning to work on this.  Using some of the ARPA funds we are working through consultant selection for a firm to help us identify out long-term needs and prepare schematic design for improvements.  We are also actively discussing grant funding opportunities with SMUD and the Air District and tracking opportunities that are coming from the recent Federal infrastructure package.  

The idea of having some 110v outlets is an interesting one and we will consider this opportunity as part of the plan.  Thanks for sharing!