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Book Club

Lisa Dawson 6 days ago in Innovative Ideas / Employee Engagement updated by Christopher Jordan (Leader) 3 days ago 1

Start a book club for the wellness of employees as an alternative to those who don't wish to work out. We can meet once a month on our lunch time to discuss an book.

Provides wellness benefits as it keeps our minds engaged. Allows for another way for employees to meet other employees they usually wouldn't see.
Roll Out:
Would choose one day a month for interested employees to meet and discuss a book. We could send an email out department wide to gauge interest and include a survey for how they would like to see it done (day to meet, types of books, how books are selected, who finds comes up with questions, etc) Each month a new book would be assigned (based upon suggestions by the participants). We could either have some discussion questions (usually able to find them online) or we just have a discussion free form.