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Updated equipment - Health and Wellness

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Currently we have a great program for health and wellness with WarriorZ. However, the classes are at set times and not always feasible for everyone, especially since the 9/80 scheduling does not allow flexing of schedules, per the policy. 

The work out room over in the 8380 building is very under-utilized mostly, in my opinion, due to older outdated equipment and no direction/coaching/classes available due to the smaller space.

There are new machines available that have an "ipad" type screen that you can create a user profile and log in (each employee could create their own to track their progress) and have on demand and live classes that are coached electronically which can be utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

There is currently a stationary bike, an eliptical, and a treadmill in the room. All 3 are crammed together. My thought is to get rid of those 3 and replace with a spin bike and a treadmill. The brand that I am most familiar and have experience with would be the Peloton brand, however there are many brands out there that have the same functions of user log in, on demand, and live classes to follow. I do know that with the Peloton brand the spin bike and the treadmill don't just have spin and treadmill classes- they have yoga, relaxation, strength and core classes available using the attached screen.

The benefits would be more employees have the opportunity to participate in an exercise program either before or after work or on their assigned lunch break. This would include swing and graveyard shift for dispatchers and officers.
Roll Out:
Dispose of current outdated machines. Give the room a little refresh- paint, good cleaning. Purchase new equipment.
Under review

We are planning to incorporate a larger workout room in the remodel of 8400 or 8380 once staff moved to the new building on Studio Ct. However, this is going to take some time.  I'm forwarding this to the Wellness Committee to see if there are options for upgrading as suggested.