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New vending machine with a card reader in the 8401 building

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Throughout the day, myself and many others get hungry for a small bite to eat. When we go to the break room, we see a vending machine, while the options are fine, the vending machine only receives payment in the form of cash. Most of the time the machine does not accept the cash we insert into it, or many elk grove employees don't carry cash. I would like to request an updated vending machine like the beverage one that accepts cash, and card payments. It's unfair that we can only have a treat if we have cash. And if we do have cash its typically only bigger bills that the machine does not accept. Then its a hassle running around the office asking individuals if they can break a bill for you. 

Additionally, if it is updated, most card readers also accept apple pay or android pay. Allowing for even more forms of payment.

 Please take this into consideration, as many individuals would enjoy a new machine that is acceptable in many forms. 

More profit in the vending machine.
More convenience for employees.
A hungry employee is a distracted one.
Roll Out:
As soon as possible would be nice.
A holiday present for the office.
Under review

Thanks for the feedback.  I'm forwarding this along to the folks that oversee the vending machines to see if this is something that can be done.  

Started/In Progress

The City is in the process of a new RFP for vending services.  Having a card reader will be one of the bid requirements.  Thanks for the feedback!