Single-use Plastic Water Bottles

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According to our checkbook, in FY2017-18 we spent $25,768.20 on bottled water. It's estimated that approximately 80% of recyclable plastic water bottles end up in landfills. 80% would be somewhere in the ball park of 15,736 bottles purchased by us that potentially contributed to landfills in just one year.

Since 2014, the city of San Francisco has banned the sale of plastic water bottles under 21 ounces. San Francisco was also the first city in the nation to adopt a ban on plastic shopping bags, and the state later followed suit. It's possible the same may happen with plastic water bottles and it would be impressive to have our organization taking steps in the right direction in advance.

By replacing our drinking fountains with combination water filling stations/water fountains (at $800+ each, that should total less than the cost of one year's worth of bottles), eliminating single-use plastic water bottles from our meetings in the Chambers and conference rooms (instead offering water pitchers with glasses for guests), providing Water Monster hydration stations at events, if necessary, (as we did at Amgen) in lieu of giving out bottled water, and encouraging staff to use reusable water bottles, we would save money, help the environment and send a message to our residents that we are environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible and a forward-thinking city. This change would also be in alignment with the council imperative to serve as wise and responsive stewards of fiscal, physical, and natural resources.​


save money and protect the environment

Roll Out:

This was discussed and for Field Services staff this would be a challenge with how they operate.  

On the 8401 side, there were concerns with how this would work in terms of water pitchers, cups, and how materials would get cleaned.  

Therefore, it was declined for now and will be re-looked at in the future.

Under review

This is going to be looked at again with the upcoming City Sustainability Plan.  More details to follow.

Started/In Progress

We are working on acquiring reusable bottles for City staff and will be rolling the program out soon.  


Water bottles are now available for pickup.  See Carrie Whitlock for details.