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Improved Amenities for Employees - Health and Wellness

Anonymous 11 months ago in Challenges updated by Christopher Jordan (Leader) 10 months ago 3
As an active participant of the City's Wellness Program, there are some programs that I would like to participate in during lunch. However, it is quite hard to participate since employees would need to "freshen" up. Though we have showers downstairs, the conditions of the showers are poor. The shower curtains have soap scum, lockers are all locked, used towels, clothing and the homeless using the showers. There are times that I need to use the shower and it was not a pleasant experience.

I would like to recommend that this area be given a "face lift" so employees who want to participate in various wellness programs can freshen up before going back to work. This includes a new shower curtain, soap, conditioner, shampoo, lockers with assigned locks by facilities, towel service, a lock to the stall to prevent the public from using it.
The benefits for improved facilities at 8401 may increase participation in the City's Wellness Program. This would give an opportunity for staff to be engaged and to be refreshed after a workout.
Roll Out:
Purchase a new shower curtain, deep clean shower daily, soap, shampoo, conditioner, assign locks for lockers, rules for shower use, towels.
Under review

This has been forwarded to Facilities/Public Works for review to see what improvements can be made.

If Facilities/PW would like, I would like to volunteer my time to assist and all. Let me know and I will be happy to reveal myself personally to you.

Started/In Progress

The City Manager has authorized the scoping of a project that would renovate the existing shower facilities at the 8401 building to include separate, key card secured entrances. Immediate cleaning of the facilities, including new shower curtains is in process. Staff is also reviewing the shower facilities at the 8400 building for possible improvements. Anyone interested in providing direct input into the renovation project can contact Doug Scott or Bob Murdoch directly.