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Bring Your Child to Work Day

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Have a day designated for "bring your child to work day" similar to the state offices. I personally have a 6 year old who has gone with my mother in law to work but has asked why she can't ever come with me.

employees have a change to expose our kids to what we do at work and where we are all day.
Employees have a chance to mix family life with work for a day.
Gives our kids a better understanding at why we are gone at work and where we are. Employees and our kids have a chance to bond together.
Roll Out:

I'm not sure why this comes in as confidential.  This is Jacqui L.  I just wanted to mention that we attempted a Bring your child to work day quite a few years back.  We received a call from Elk Grove Unified who asked us to stop doing it.  I believe it was a financial impact on them.  I think it is a great program and would love to see this take off.  I would recommend we touch base with EGUSD to find out if their stand on this issue has changed or we could simply plan it on a day where kids are out of school and this may be helpful to parents as well.