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Seasonal Leaf Drop Pick-UP

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Driving through Elk Grove over the weekend I noticed a lot of homeowners blowing their leaves into the street. I've seen it in the past where people will place large amounts of landscaping debris or leaf debris into the right of way directly in front of their house. This is a problem because the City doesn't have a contract for leaf pickup. But maybe we should? Three or four months out of the year from October through January the residents of EG would benefit from having leaf debris removal as a City provided service. I also think encouraging residents to clean up their own yard waste by providing free green waste pick-up weekly would help some. The fact that so many residents are non-natives and are accustomed to this service makes an expected City regular function. I'm not suggesting this necessarily be a free service (maybe the weekly green waste during fall could be), but with the storm drain fees already collected, maybe we add this as a service?


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