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Project and Development Tours of Elk Grove for Employees

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I think it would be extremely beneficial to provide a tour of the City to the employees, highlighting new projects and developments.

I was fortunate to participate on a tour given by the Economic Development Department; my group spent about an hour on a bus, learning about new and potential projects in the City. We travelled throughout Elk Grove, passing by empty fields to learn about zoning and construction plans, office buildings under construction to learn about new State offices moving to Elk Grove, and small business to learn about grants and funding opportunities. 

It would be fantastic if on a quarterly basis, interested employees could sign up and go on an hour – long bus tour around the city. This tour would help employees from all departments stay current on city projects and would ensure, to an extent that employees were relaying correct information about projects to the public.


The City currently does a good job of publicizing current events and upcoming projects through press releases, the new innovate newsletter, and weekly emails. These methods of communication are great, but are limited and static. Providing a tour would make these projects tangible and allow employees an opportunity to ask questions from the experts and learn more about the projects / City. Tours would also foster project –specific communication between employees from all different departments and may serve as a starting point for new ideas.

Roll Out:

On a quarterly basis, interested employees could sign up for the tour using Elknet. The group would be limited to 12-15 employees to be able to have conversations about the projects and to fit on a smaller paratransit bus. While the tour on which I participated was led by the Economic Development team; tour guides could be from several departments; Economic Development, Public Works, Building and Planning. Rotating the tour guide would provide multiple departments the opportunity to showcase their big projects and connect with employees throughout the City that they may not have a chance to work with normally. ​