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Bike/Ped/ADA Coordinator

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The City is in need of a Bike/Ped/ADA Coordinator. The City is currently covering this role with a variety of staff from the City Manager's Office, Planning, Development Engineering, and Public Works. This creates a variety of issues as you have no one person that fully understands the needs of the community and can propose the appropriate action, or educate staff.

Given that this role is currently being handled by so many individuals, no one is seeing the big picture. Having a person step in and take on this role would allow for better planning and implementations thought CIP and Development projects. It will allow us to really implement Complete Streets. Additionally, this provides a person that can advocate for these users and educate the staff on what needs to be considered.
Roll Out:
​This staff person could be assigned to the Disability Advisory or Trails Committee. Consider the creation of a combined Active Transportation Committee. Complete Reviews of CIP project and Development project for Bike/Ped/ADA requirements. If they were a transportation planner, they could be used to manage the preparation of planning document such as Bicycle Pedestrian Trails Master Plan update, Trail Planning or Feasibility Studies, Bike/Ped/ADA Project Scoping and Prioritization. Manage the ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan and provide ADA/Disability Training. Review ADA Grievances.