Elk Grove Brand Consistency and Implementation Plan for Signage

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Within the City of Elk Grove, we see the City Seal on public work projects and on business signs like the Elk Grove Auto Mall. You will also see the City Marketing Logo on public work projects. In addition, you will see elk themed signs on a variety of businesses. There is a lack of consistency in the use of the City Seal, City Marketing Logo, and Elk Themed signage. In addition, there are varieties of locations where you enter Elk Grove off SR 99 or I-5 with no signage. Having multiple people independently developing signage for a variety of uses has exasperated the problem.

The lack of consistency and lack of monument signage at key location is problematic. The inconsistency of logo use is not good for the overall brand of the City. It is important to be consistent throughout all mediums, whether it’s our website, signage, print materials or direct mail pieces. Having consistency is critical to creating a cohesive look that reinforces the City as a community-oriented sense of place. Making these improvements will change the impression of the city from haphazard to a more sophisticated and intentional.​

Roll Out:
Review existing municipal codes for signage and make any necessary revisions to include clear instructions on when to use what logo for commercial signage and the for public works projects and buildings. Work to create guideline document and implement internal review process. As budget would allow, update existing signage and where possible create new City entry signs.



This already exists.  See Graphics for a copy.