Keeping open possibly unnecessary doors

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​Prop open the both sets of double doors by Public Works and the City Manager department, along with the unkeyed door to the bathroom hallway.

Keeping these doors open would improve acessibility for people in wheelchairs and with walking difficulties. While the doors are rated properly for ADA weight requirements, opening doors in a wheelchair is always difficult. From our department one must open 5 doors before reaching a toilet.

Additionally, with cold season on the way, the fewer shared surfaces we touch the more we reduce our changes of getting sick and being less productive, or absent from work.

​Side note: When the janitors wipe down the push bars on the double doors, the push bars are wet and stink really bad as if they're being cleaned with dirty rags, so they're probably never clean to start with.
Roll Out:
Buying 5 door stopers for $20 such as: https://www.amazon.com/Wundermax-Decorative-Stopper-Surfaces-Original/dp/B01KQ03VUE

​Even better would be removing the bathroom hallway door completely.